Hunky Dory


Relive the summer of 1976 in this heartwarming British musical from the producer of “Billy Elliott” featuring songs by David Bowie, The Beach Boys, Nick Drake, ELO, and The Byrds.  Minnie Driver plays Viv, a fiery high school drama teacher determined to fire up her hormonal, apathetic students by putting on the best end-of-year show the school has seen: a glam-infused rock musical based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  But as the Welsh summer begins to heat up, can she overcome the teenage distractions of sex and drugs with great rock n’ roll?  Find out in this fantastic, rousing high school musical drama that will have you tapping your toes with glee.

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Runtime: 110 Minutes
Genre: Comedy, Musical

Marc Evans


Jon Finn

Dan Lupovitz


Laurence Coriat


Minnie Driver

Aneurin Barnard

Haydn Gwynne

Bob Pugh

Owen Teale

Steve Speirs