Renowned rock and roll photographer Kevin Mazur has pulled together an impressive team for his first feature-length documentary about the changing face of celebrity and the many ways that the media has conveyed, defined, and even demeaned what it means to be famous today. Taking a historical ride through the early days of Hollywood and the rise of paparazzi, $ellebrity explores how fame has changed from the highly-structured studio system to the current free-for-all press and paparazzi frenzy. The film captures candid stories of dozens of top stars including Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sheryl Crow, Salma Hayek, and Elton John.

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Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Documentary

Kevin Mazur


Jeff Vespa

Tricia Nolan

Kevin Mazur


Jennifer Aniston

Elton John

Salma Hayek

Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony

Kid Rock

Sheryl Crowe

Sarah Jessica Parker