Spotlight: At the Sinatra Club

  • 1. Introduce yourself and your film
    I am Salvatore Polisi, the writer for “At the Sinatra Club“.

    2. How did you become interested in filmmaking?
    I lived a wild and crazy life… now I write about it.

    3. Tell us about your inspiration and vision for the film.
    I was inspired to write this script from the inaccurate portrayal of John Gotti and the life we all lived back then. I was there, it was a time when we were all young and our lives were transformed in many different directions as accurately depicted in this film.

    4. What were some of the biggest challenges in making and completing the film?
    Although I wrote the script over 10 years ago – once funding was in place, it all happened so fast.  Our biggest challenge was a limited budget and shoot schedule.

    5. If this is your 1st film, what will you take away from the experience that you can apply to the next?
    I was there from script to screen and in the editing room.  It can be an overwhelming and exhausting process.  Now that I have a better understanding of this process, I will use that knowledge and wisdom on my next film.

    6. What’s next?
    A documentary about my life, titled “Ubatz”, is in post production. A new stage play I co-wrote with Debrah (my producing partner), titled Goomada, is in pre-production and I have a TV talk show in the works — Crime Time — a board game and video game based on my life in the New York Mob is in development.

    7. In the spirit of independent cinema and Gravitas Ventures, what is your favorite indie film?
    “Mean Streets” has always been one of my all-time favorite films which just happens to be an indie film. Ironically enough, I met Mardik Martin in 1992 – the screenwriter of Mean Streets, he later became my mentor and friend.

    January 17th, 2011 | Joe Wilka |

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