Spotlight: Listen To Your Heart

  • 1.  Introduce yourself and your film
    Kent and Luke Moran are brother/actor/filmmakers. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART marks their debut as filmmakers. They feel blessed to have so far garnered 8 awards and 5 nominations for “Listen to Your Heart”. Kent and Luke Moran are also founders of their respective production companies, Wishing Well Pictures and Rebel One Pictures, whose goals are to produce marketable, high quality films for less money, with an emphasis, when appropriate, on maintaining moral value.

    2.  How did you become interested in filmmaking?
    Films were a major part of our youth. We’d be a different people if it weren’t for the amazing films we grew up on. Filmmaking is a natural progression for us and the only thing that feels right and natural for us to do.

    3.  Tell us about your inspiration and vision for the film.
    Our main inspiration for this film is the millions of people who have suffered with or been touched by cancer in some way. We wanted to share a story drawn from personal experiences that inspired us, in hopes that it would inspire hope and love in others who have suffered similar struggles.

    4.  What were some of the biggest challenges in making and completing the film?
    The budget. This film is very large in scope and production value, so with a limited budget, we had to close the gap with creativity and very hard, long hours.

    5.  If this is your 1st film, what will you take away from the experience that you can apply to the next?
    So many things, but mainly, the importance of a team. Filmmaking is truly about a team. And every member of that team is essential. So we will always strive to surround ourselves with the most talented, hard working, positive team members possible, who have real passion for making great films.

    6.  What’s next?
    For Kent, “The Challenger.” After getting kicked out of school for fighting and losing his high school diploma, Jaden Miller has lost all confidence and direction. He’s not very good at his job or his relationships, but when he’s taken to an amateur boxing fight, Jaden finally realizes his true destiny. In every fight to get to the title, Jaden Miller is, “The Challenger.”

    For Luke, “Coyote.” When Arizona Minute Man Cole Shepherd loses his job and can no longer provide for his family, he is forced to become a smuggler of illegal Mexican immigrants, a Coyote. On the long journey across the border, Cole begins to fall for a Mexican family, affecting his entire outlook on border crossing.

    7.  In the spirit of independent cinema and Gravitas Ventures, what is your favorite indie film?
    Luke: “The Wrestler.”
    Kent: “Crazy Heart.”

    October 11th, 2010 | Joe Wilka |

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