Spotlight: Night of the Sinner

  • 1.  Introduce yourself and your film
    My name is Alessandro Perrella and I was the director, writer, and producer of Night of the Sinner. I graduated from the Experimental Centre of Cinematography. From 1967 to 1969, I was assistant to Roberto Rossellini, Luchino Visconti, and Mario Bava. I worked on artistic, institutional, and educational films, as well as commercials for television. In 1980, I started my own independent production company.

    I can introduce my film like this: Every day, scores of individuals disappear from the face of the earth without leaving a trace. Among these are the victims of sadistic predators who conceal their remains forever. These horrendous crimes very often remain unsolved. These innocent victims, however, add up to a number. A number that cannot be quantified… What happens to these unsolved crimes? Where do these victims disappear to? “Night of the Sinner” explores just one of many of these situations.

    2.  How did you become interested in filmmaking?
    My true passion for filmmaking began during my years of study at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography where I was exposed to all aspects of the business from the creative to the technical, and where I met masters of cinematography, production, and creative development.

    3.  Tell us about your inspiration and vision for the film.
    Unfortunately, this is a case of art imitating life. Day after day, I would open the newspaper and read new stories about grusome murders and serial killers. I found myself becoming obsessed with having to tell one such cautionary tale.

    4.  What were some of the biggest challenges in making and completing the film?
    Although there are, of course, many challenges on the day-to-day production of a film, the greatest challenge and joy was developing harmonious vision with the great American actor, Robert Englund. Once that was accomplished and we could see eye-to-eye, we were able to build upon each other’s energies during the course of production.

    5.  If this is your 1st film, what will you take away from the experience that you can apply to the next?  If this is not your 1st film, what do you recall from your 1st film that you’ve applied to each one following?
    This is not my first film. What I brought to Night of the Sinner was a willingness to work with actors in creating their own unique characters within the framework of the story.

    6.  What’s next?
    My next film is entitled “Paura” (Fear). Watch for it on Warner Bros. Cable!

    7.  In the spirit of independent cinema and Gravitas Ventures, what is your favorite indie film?
    Night of the Sinner, of course.

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