The Harimaya Bridge


Daniel Holder’s father was killed fighting the Japanese during the Second World War…something he thought he had made peace with long ago, until a recent discovery opened up old emotional wounds. So when Daniel’s beloved artist son Mickey takes a job in Japan teaching English, it creates a rift between them. Mickey dies in a traffic accident, and Daniel’s profound regret at their estrangement is matched only by his increased resentment towards Japan…a country he thinks took not only his father, but now his only child as well. Despite these feelings, Daniel goes to Japan to retrieve Mickey’s final paintings. But despite the kindness he is shown and the evidence of the happy life his son led, he cannot let go of his negative feelings. But unexpected discoveries about Mickey’s life and legacy change everything for Daniel, forcing him to reassess his feelings and the life he will henceforth lead.

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Runtime: 120 Minutes
Genre: Drama

Aaron Woolfolk


Ko Mori

Aaron Woolfolk


Aaron Woolfolk


Ben Guillory

Saki Takaoka

Misa Shimizu

Danny Glover

Victor Grant

Peter Coyote