Why Gravitas

  • Gravitas Ventures was started as a VOD company; and it continues to be our daily focus. The team at Gravitas has decades of combined years of VOD experience. We stand by our track record as the largest supplier of independent films to the North American cable VOD marketplace for over 5 years. This year we will release more than 500 titles into 100 million homes.

    At Gravitas, we live and breathe VOD all day long in all its forms: Transactional VOD (cable, telco, satellite and online platforms), Subscription VOD and Ad-sponsored VOD. We focus on what we do best in order to put your film in front of the most global movie lovers to deliver real financial results.

    The VOD marketplace is highly nuanced and rapidly evolving. Know that we won’t only rely on our experience, but that we’ll also keep our finger on the pulse of the marketplace. While VOD has been, is, and will continue to be our focus as the fastest growing business model, we are well positioned to help navigate all windows of distribution: Theatrical, Non-Theatrical, VOD, Airlines, Hotels, Home Video, and Television.

    One of the things we are most proud of is our relationship with filmmakers. We believe we offer the most filmmaker friendly deals in the industry and are remarkably candid and transparent in our dealings. We appreciate when partners call us attentive and detail oriented. As a team our goal is to respond to every call or email if not within minutes then within 24 hours.

    We focus on marketing tactics that will work in VOD. Having distributed more than 2,000 titles of filmed entertainment from over 500 content partners including feature films, documentaries, and event programming, we have the experience to know what works and what does not. We’ll work together with you to effectively market your productions.

    We encourage you to speak with other filmmakers and producers. We stand by our reputation and if need be, we would be happy to provide you with past and present clients of ours as references.